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Friday, 1 July 2011

Cervical Cancer

Heredity is the desire of each family. But we often blame other factors which cause, for example: The husband is often out of pocket, the condition of the body tired because of work every day, sperm or egg is not fertile, and so forth.

If we go back to 25 or 30 years ago, we rarely hear of women who develop cervical cancer (cervical) or breast cancer or diseases of other terrible diseases women.
Earlier times women did not know the pads. They use cloth or small towel when they're having a menstrual period. Nowadays, there is no woman who does not know modernpun pads.
Did you know, in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and other developing countries, producers are using used paper or sawdust is recycled to be used as a bandage. They also use a bleaching (bleach) to whiten the materials.
Whereas in the bleaching materials contained content DIOXIN very dangerous and can cause various diseases like Cancer Uterus, Breast Cancer, Cysts, Myom and many others.
Foreign countries (developed countries), although dressings are produced from cotton (instead of scrap materials), they (producers) must include on the packaging that the pads are free from chlorine. Unfortunately this has not become an obligation for producers in developing countries.
So after a long usage (teen years) before the women feel the presence of diseases. Starting from a whitish, yellowish, the difficulty of getting children, cyst, Myom, even deadly cancer.
I appeal to the young mothers, realize your health. Keep your crown. Because what good is a pretty face, shell out hundreds of thousands to the face, but the health of the Crown ignored. (YTN)


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