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Friday, 1 July 2011

13 Problems in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often experience problems that make them suffer even the most desperate. Here are some common problems experienced by some pregnant women are trying to ease it along the way we discussed it for you.
1. Morning Sickness
Try to get used to eat regular light meals, and avoid foods that contain lots of oils and fats. Always keep crackers beside your bed, so you can eat immediately after waking. Immediately contact your doctor if morning sickness continues for more than three months of pregnancy or causing your weight drastically helped.
2. Fatigue
Sometimes feelings of fatigue in pregnant women caused by anemia, if this condition gets worse, call your doctor immediately. Expand break and do a nap if possible.
3. Leg cramps
Slowly renggangkan panggal your calves by turning your toes toward your calf.
4. Constipation
Expand drinking water. Eat foods that contain lots of fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Do not take laxatives without a doctor's advice first.
5. Hemorrhoid
Hemorrhoid is a pain that is felt diadaerah anus, especially when pushing. To ease it, do not push too hard during bowel movements. Avoid constipation on your digestion. After defecation, wash with water and wash until clean. Rinse with soap several times a day if necessary.
6. Frequent Urination
As we get older content, you will be more frequent urination urine. This occurs because the pressure of the baby on your urinary tract. There is no way you can do to reduce this problem. Only you need not worry, because this is not harmful to you and the fetus.
7. Varicose veins
Avoid wearing tight clothing that the foot or thigh. Rest your feet as often as possible. motion-the movement of your legs if you must be standing in a long time. Consult with your doctor to find a safe way to relieve and prevent varicose veins.
8. Feeling that change often (moody)
During pregnancy, your hormones change constantly beruba like a roller coaster. Plus the feeling that your life is undergoing a major change. Do not be too hard on yourself. If you feel very sad even though about suicide, talk with your doctor or the people closest to you about your unhappiness.
9. Heat in Stomach (Heartburn)
Eat small meals regularly. Avoid eating spicy foods and fatty or oily. Do not lie down directly after eating. Konsulatasilah with your doctor about the use of gastric acid neutralizing medicines are safe for you.
10. Fungus infection or vaginal discharge
Basically, vaginal discharge in pregnant women is normal, but we recommend you consult with your doctor if the more severe and excessive vaginal discharge.
11. Bleeding Gums
Brush and floss your teeth regularly and visit your dentist to clean teeth as usual. Pregnancy is not an obstacle for you to check the health of your teeth and mouth to the dentist. Just make sure you tell your doctor that you are pregnant, so your doctor can provide special handling that is safe for you.
12. Nasal congestion
Blocked nose or congestion in pregnant women usually are the result of changes in levels of female hormone estrogen. It could even be you will also experience nose bleeding (nosebleeds). No need to worry, because this is still normal in pregnant women. But if it is getting annoying consult with your doctor for treatment.
13. Edema
Edema merukanan perspiration or other body fluids through the skin surface. Lie down with the position of the body resting on the left side. Rest your feet by lifting it upwards so that the blood will flow more smoothly from the legs to your heart. Do not take diuretic pills. Should consult your doctor first if you intend going to reduce salt intake to reduce excessive perspiration on your body. Because after all the body needs salt to body fluid balance, and reducing salt intake is not the best way to deal with excessive sweating on your body


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